Connie Sponheim has been a theatre educator, director and actress for over 30 years from California to Washington.  She holds Life credentials at the elementary and secondary levels, as well as ESL certification and  a Master's in Theatre Arts. She has also been a Studio Teacher/Social Worker for over 10 commercial & film shoots. Please see Northwest Crew Index if you wish to engage her.  Her talent agency is Big Fish.  Having directed and acted in over 80 plays, as well as commercial, film and voice-over work her expertise and imaginative methodology create lasting  joy and valuable memories for her students...of all ages.


The Drama School




 Children's classes and productions:

"Thank you so much for being our teacher. We really love to act and being in your class made it even more fun"....Kali and Sterling, drama students

"Thank you for being a great drama teacher, and for being patient with us." ...Sarah, drama student

"I'm in awe of the work of the students. Thank you for your professional work! This night will be a great memory forever."....AnnRene, administrator

Teacher class: Drama Across the Curriculum

"I cannot remember the last time I have been so impacted by a class. I am eager to implement these activities into my curriculum and enthusiastic with how much I know my students will respond positively.  Thank you Connie!....Bryan, teacher

"I feel truly blessed and extremely fortunate to have been in this class. It has made my summer!"

...Karen, teacher

"I really appreciate how talented and understanding you are.  I'll use the activities and techniques that I learned from you for years to come!  Thanks a million!...Charlene, teacher